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A standing order of £2.00-£3.00 per month would be a great help towards feed, bedding and treatment for our animals.

Any donation big or small is a help and much appreciated.



Fund Appeal


With 5 cows, 10 horses, 12 pigs, 20 sheep, 7 goats,  20 rabbits, and wildlife to look after you can imagine the cost of food, hay and vets bills for all of these animals throughout the year.  We relie entirely on the kindness of public donations to keep the sanctuary going.

Any donation big or small is a help and much appreciated. Thank you 

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary


Our mission

Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to caring for animals. To rescuing them from cruelty, hardship, and  neglect. To ensure they live out the remainder of their natural lives in the optimum physical and psychological comfort. Rehoming them when possible but always overseeing their care. We have a non destruct policy except on veterinary advice and where all else has failed.

Our Animals

In some instances, where the animals have special needs, very old, or have personality disorders, we guarantee them care and protection, as well as a home with us for the remainder of their lives. Animals we deal with include the following but are not limited to: dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, all kinds of wildlife etc.

We are not open to the public, but do welcome visitors to come and meet our animals by appointment.


8 more guinea pigs rescued  

    Guinea pig rescue  

   We have taken in 8 guinea pigs after a breeder had given up breeding and no longer wanted them. All are  looking for loving homes.










Latest News

In memory of Suki


02/10/15. Yesterday was a heart breaking day for the sanctuary residents. My dear dog Suki suddenly had a seizure and after rushing immediately to a specialist vets unfortunately did not make the journey.I would like to share her story and show just how much these wonderful animals give us.
Suki came into the sanctuary at the age of two after being used and abused by a hare courser. No one could get near to her as she was so terrified and would cower at the ...back of her kennel. She would slip her lead and run the two miles back to her previous owner, I guess she didn't know what else to do.A week or so later she escaped yet again but this time found me and went straight onto her back in submission. We bonded immediately and she would be at my ankle every second of the day, even for toilet breaks!
This was eight years ago and she hasn't left my side since. She would come everywhere with me and would love to come on car journeys, do stalls with me and faithfully wait for my return if I had to leave her.
She has been my faithful friend through good and bad times always there for me. She was my best friend and will never ever be forgotten.



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Any animal feed you can donate would be greatly appreciated and a huge help.

Tombola and Raffle Prizes Needed

We need donations of tombola and raffle prizes please to go towards our next open day. 


Donations of cat food please for our many ferals and Cattery cats.